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The application of filters in electronics almost goes without saying. The European EMC-standards demand adaptations in machine control avoiding disturbances. Amongst others in mains supply, switching power supplies and frequency converters unwanted interference signals are generated. Applying filters can prevent high frequency disturbances. Electrical filters usually consist of a combination of capacitors and inductances. Such a combination behaves as a frequency dependent resistance, hence with increasing frequencies the impedance rises also and high frequency disturbances, in the kHz and low MHz-range are avoided.

Mains filters not only filter the disturbances from the mains but also the disturbances from device into the mains. Disturbances, caused by fast switching electronics, are thus suppressed. Both 1 and 3 phase filters are available.

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Feed through filters range from 0,5 up to 300A. Feed through capacitors up to 2kA. Specials are available for applications like shielded rooms with shielded connections and sealed housings.

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Ferrite components
Ferrite materials for cables, connectors, DIL IC's and printed circuit boards. Ferrite material is by far the best way to suppress disturbances (EMI). Ferrites give a broadband, current-controlled low Q and a serial impedance for high frequencies with both inductive as well as resistance components. Because of this the unwanted part of the signal is mainly transferred into warmth.

There are many different shapes available: cylindrical, rectangular, splitted snap-on, for connectors and DIL IC's. One can choose from several different materials depending on the frequency range, permeability and sizes.

Many parts are available from stock. Customised parts are possible. Also, many shapes are available for printed circuit board mounting like (common mode) power and data lines, chokes, chips, arrays, smt, beads, inductors, disks and plates. There are even models for USB-applications. All components are manufactured very accurately, with tight specification and with a smooth surface as to avoid damage to cabling.

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Printed Circuit Shielding
Keep the noise out, not the engineer. Ingenious and practical. This is the core-description of our line in printed Circuit Board Shielding. It is now feasible to shield electronical components on printed circuit boards from their environment with this line of products. Components always remain accessible. Also possible for trimming components.

The standard sizes may vary from 12,7x12,7mm up to 304x609mm. Square, rectangular and odd shapes are possible in steps of 6,35mm. The height may vary from 3,3 up to 50,8mm.

The shielding consists of an upstanding fence as guidance that is mounted on the printed circuit board with through connect pins or smt onto which a lid is placed. Fences are selected upon the required height, smt or pin through, pin distance and required distance to the board. Next the size of the lid is decided. The material is pre-tinned steel with a thickness of 0,38mm. Other material and options are available.

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SoftShield 4000/5000
EMC-related problems require the shielding of electronic housing. EEMCCOIMEX has a wide variety in shielding materials available amongst others Soft Shield 4000 and 5000 sealing.

Soft Shield 4000 is a contact material consisting of a soft foam core finished with a fibre reinforced aluminium foil for optimum conductance. It is available in a large variety like strips, pads and die cut parts.

Soft Shield 4000 is also very suitable for custom specific applications. Very well compressible and ULV-0 approved. Applications mostly in ICT, medical equipment and industrial automation.

Soft Shield 5000 is a shielding consisting of a soft urethane foam core with a conducting woven nylon layer. This material complies with very stringent shielding and mechanical requirements. Soft Shield 5000 is mostly applied in electronic housing, medical equipment, control cabinets and grounding contacts. It can be supplied in a range of profiles and custom specific. Suitable for i.e. pick-and-place processing. Soft Shield 5000 is an economical solution with a high shielding level.

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Personal Spectrum Analyser
EEMCCOIMEX sell a compact spectrum analyser that is also very suitable for pre-compliance emission measurements in a lab but also on location. The model 401B Personal Spectrum Analyser, with a frequency range of 1-1024MHz, can be delivered with a complete set of accessories including calibrated E- and H-field probes, a broadband active antenna and a high-gain pre-amplifier. Model 401B fits in the palm of your hand and is powered by batteries, no additional power is required for measurements. The device is fully programmable which makes it very suitable for remote monitoring and automated test set-ups.

Pre-compliance emission measurements are rather simple. The limits for FCC part 15A/B, CISPR 11A/B and 22A/B are pre-programmed and can be displayed during measuring.

The calibrated E- and H-field probes for pre-compliance emission measurements can also be used for localising problems and measuring design solutions. This results in a shorter development time and time to market. All measure functions are programmable via a serial interface. Its light weight, small size and excellent price makes the 401B also an ideal partner for applications were one needs to measure remotely. The measurement results can be transmitted too a PC as a screen-print but also in a spreadsheet format. It will be delivered complete with Windows software.

Model 425A is an identical instrument, however, with frequency ranges of 1.8-2.9 and 5.0-6.0GHz for use as a Wireless LAN Spectrum Analyser. Model 470A is similar but as a Satellite Up/Down Link Spectrum Analyser with a frequency range of 500kHz to 199MHz covering the IF frequencies for 70 and 140MHz.

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